Style Tips for Tall Men

For tall guys, despite having a nice and remarkable height you should know how to dress to your advantage and know which style will complement your height. There are a lot of challenges for being tall, for example, most of the clothes are made for guys with average height. However, you can use your style wisely to attract people’s attention besides your height. So, here are some tips to dress well and be stylish as a tall guy.

  1. First of all, use contrast separates in your style which basically means wear different and contrast colour, for example, white top and black bottom. When you have contrasting separates, it cuts your body in half and makes you appear less elongated which brings you a little bit short in size. It does not take all your height away, but it makes your height less obvious.
  2. Secondly, wear large-scale patterns whether it is on the top or bottom. Wearing a large-scale pattern draws the eyes to the specific area instead of looking at your height. For example, if you want to dress well as a tall guy, wear large-scale pattern, especially on the top.
  3. Thirdly, invest in double-breasted suit jackets or blazers because a double-breasted suit jacket stands out so it is going to draw eyes to the midsection which is what you want to if you are a tall guy. Furthermore, the double-breasted suit jacket has a little bit heft to it because it adds a little material to the midsection.
  4. Wear bold shoes or sneakers that stand out. When you wear bold shoes or cool sneakers, a person’s eyes will be drawn down to your feet which will definitely distract someone from looking upwards at your height.
  5. Tweed jackets, suits and blazers will add a little bit more depth to your midsection because of the material on it. Tweed jackets are custom from 100% wool and with the heavy material, it will bring down the attention to your chest instead of your head and will not emphasise your height.
  6. Do not wear low rise pants or jeans. This is similar to the first tip; when it comes to pants, low rise pants will elongate your torso because it comes a little bit down further. Wear mid rise or high rise pants that cuts your body in half.

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Alyssa Ross