10 Things You Can Eat that Will Make You Better in Bed

Written by Alyssa Ross

They say that you are what you eat. Whether you believe it or not, that is up to you. However, there is some truth in the notion that the foods that you eat can affect your performance, especially in your ability to make your partner happy.

Perhaps you weren’t eating anything good and you even skimped eating oatmeal, you probably wouldn’t last long in bed.

Today, I am going to teach you things that you can eat that will make you better in bed.


Did you know that eating a healthy serving of Watermelon can help you maintain an erection? Research shows that watermelon contains a certain amino acid that acts pretty much the same as the ingredients that are found in Viagra.

So, if you’re having a hard time making your thing go up for prolonged periods, gorging on some watermelon could provide a lasting benefit.


Although studies have shown that licorice may decrease your libido, there are also studies that suggest that it can help you attract women.

Apparently, there is something in Licorice that will help you secrete male pheromones that help attract the female kind.

3.Chili Peppers

According to studies, when you consume chili peppers, it makes you aroused thanks to Capsaicin- a compound that is a staple in chillis. Therefore, add some of them the next time you prepare your own food.


These inexpensive fruits contain a lot of antioxidants that are known to help increase dopamine in your brain, as well as improving your blood flow all throughout. This can most certainly help our brothers with erectile dysfunction.


Not only is oatmeal rich in fiber (which aids in digestion and improves nutrient absorption), it is also known to improve testosterone production as well. The more of this male hormone you have, the better your sexual performance will be.


This sweet fruit is known to improve both the quantity and quality of your sperm. So, if you’re trying to bear a child with your significant other, then eating plenty of peaches can do the trick.


This shellfish, although expensive, is high in Zinc and Phosphorus. Both minerals are linked to improved sexual performance for both men and women.


If you want another vegetable that can help you attract the female species, then you should definitely add celery to your diet.


Another fruit that should be a staple in your diet, bananas contains loads of nutrients that improve your energy levels, boosts your testosterone production, and helps increase your libido as well.

10.Red Meat

Eating red meats some of the time is okay. It is, in fact, recommended to consume such if you want to last longer in bed. It contains loads of B-vitamins that helps improve your energy levels (thus increasing your sexual endurance) and it is also tasty and packs a lot of protein (which can help your penis in the long run as it, too, contains muscles).

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