5 Simple Event Planning Tips to Help Make Your Office Parties Great

Written by Alyssa Ross


When you work in a company, there is always going to be office parties throughout the year. Most likely, companies celebrate Christmas and Birthday parties, but the parties are not limited to that.

There are corporate event management companies functions that happen during the year as well. Without hiring an event planner, how can you make your next office party great? Here are some simple tips you can follow:

1. Speak with Your Manager

The first step is to actually talk to your manager and tell them about it. Ask them if they have ideas in mind and also present yours. Once you’ve both come up with some solid party ideas, you can then talk about when the party is going to be.

Aside from Christmas and Birthday parties, see if there are any company events where you can throw a party in the mix. Look at the company’s event calendar to know more details.

After that, you should then talk about the budget. The good thing about company parties is that there is always a sizable amount of money you can work with, making your event planning life easy.

2. Assemble the Team

Another good news for you is that you do not really need to hire an event planner just to pull this off. You just have to assemble an event planning team by pulling some of the creative employees in your company.

Once you’ve assembled your team, brainstorm some ideas to make the ideal party. Put a list of things that you think will bring a lot of fun and excitement and have a straw poll in the end so that the people can decide.

3. Get a Venue

Although holding parties right at the office premises is okay, you have to think outside of the building so to speak.

By this, I mean that you are not limited to holding any parties on your office. Instead, you can go outside and enjoy what nature has to offer!

Some great party venue ideas are the beach, a farm or ranch, parks, among others. Do not just limit yourself inside the confines of your office. Go out there and experience the  world!

4. Be Creative with the Invitation

Yes, you can use digital means to invite people in your company. You could certainly just send them an email talking about when the party would be, but what’s the fun in that, right?

So, be creative with your invitations. You could write it on a card that follows the theme of your event or you can make it even more colorful and vibrant.

I know that this can be a little bit cumbersome, but this little extra step can make the event more memorable for your company employees.

5. Have Some Fun and Games

And lastly, you have to come up with some fun and games as well. Nobody wants a boring party where you just talk to your employees and so on. You want something that will make them move and have fun.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of game ideas you can find on the internet, so a little bit of research will really go a long way.

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