5 Types of Gamblers

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Written by Alyssa Ross

Although all dependencies have the potential to wreck a person’s life, not all addictions are created equal, and not everyone experiences addiction in the same manner. An individual with an opioid abuse problem, for instance, could be misusing prescription drugs or heroin obtained on the street. Their circumstances and experiences are opposed. Gamblers and those who suffer from gambling problems are in the same boat. Gamblers engage in a variety of addictive activities. The type of addiction as well as the person’s particular condition must be understood and treated in order to comprehend and solve the cause. “Which type of gambler/player am I?” is a question that is commonly asked before doing the pussy888 apk download. This list of five different categories of gamblers in the trusted online casino in Malaysia may be useful.


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  • Professional gamblers

Gambling is a life-sustaining pursuit for professional gamblers. These professional gamblers mostly rely on mathematics and in-depth research of games and bets to determine the most effective strategy. Rather than being impetuous, they have patience, wisdom, plus self-control. They are the most difficult to find because they’re the most uncommon type of gambler.


  • Casual Social Gamblers

As the name implies, these are people who enjoy a little flutter and a little gamble among their numerous activities and leisure pursuits. Casual social gamblers are unlikely to develop an addiction; in contrast, they may feel disappointed in gamblers who can’t control themselves, who pursue their misfortunes and end up bankrupt. If a regular social gambler becomes an addiction, it is almost often as a consequence of some unrelated traumatic incident, or occasionally as a result of a massive victory. Casual social gamblers are similar to social drinkers in that it is a fantastic way for them to unwind, make new friends, and experience the excitement of possibly earning a few dollars by playing poker and at the tables. 


  • Serious Social Gamblers

While this type of gambler is in command, gambling is among their primary forms of enjoyment. They’ve devoted a significant amount of their life to gambling, which could lead to difficulties down the road. These gamblers are similar to cinephiles, who like viewing movies as a hobby but prioritise other values such as family, career, and partnerships.


  • Conservative Gamblers

Conservative gamblers are more engaged in the process than the excitement of victory or even the social component of gambling. These individuals want to try their luck at playing slot machines since they’ve seen the casino games on TV or in films and are intrigued. Conservative gamblers are more likely to set a small budget or time restriction for themselves and adhere to it regardless of whether they succeed or fail. Troublesome or addicted gambling is extremely infrequent among conservative gamblers as a result of this approach.


  • Compulsive Gamblers

Gamblers that are compulsive have lost all control of their gambling. Gambling is the most significant aspect of their lives for these individuals. Gambling addiction is a degenerative disease that affects all parts of a gambler’s life. Their friends, families, and jobs all suffer as a result of their gambling. Furthermore, obsessive gamblers may engage in acts that are against their moral values, such as lying, stealing, or embezzling. Regardless of how often they want to and how hard they attempt, compulsive gamblers are unable to stop gambling.

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