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5 Wedding Planning Reminders Only a Pro Wedding Planner Would Know

Written by Alyssa Ross

It is a fact that anyone can plan and organize a wedding successfully. However, when it comes to efficient logistics and flawless finishing touches, there are various things only an experienced wedding & event planner knows. What if someone cancels at the very last minute? What if an important centerpiece goes missing at a destination wedding? How many guests can eat the cake? These are stressful situations a hardworking wedding planner can quickly address.

1. Down Count at Dinner

Make sure to down count the final count to the wedding caterer and venue. The final headcount may change until the very last minute, so see to it that the concerned people are given a heads up.

Once a specific number is communicated to the caterer and venue, you will be locked into it and should pay for that guest amount.

2. Go Pro with the Lights

Lighting can make an amazing impact to the overall look and feel of your wedding. You’ll never regret investing in good lighting equipment from a professional lighting company. It’s always worth it. Moreover, an experienced lighting designer has the skills to manage the light, and shift the feels from energetic to romantic.

3. Let Them Eat (Less) Cake

You don’t need to order a cake enough for your complete guest count. If you are expecting 200 guests, just order a cake enough for 175 people. Of course, by the time cake slices are getting served, most of your guests are already leaving, or having the best time of their lives on the dance floor.

4. Abandon Your To-Do List

Abandon your to-do list on your wedding day. It’s always better to arrange and finalize wedding details ahead of time.

5. Destination Wedding Dos and Don’ts

Are you planning a destination wedding? Make sure to hand carry your wedding dress with you. Never, ever ship it, since it might get lost. This rule also goes with personalized wedding items.

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