7 Amazing SEO Copywriting Tricks That Will Help You Write Engaging Copies

Written by Alyssa Ross

Not all pieces of seo marketing content are powerful enough to entertain and engage people. You need to motivate them further to spend more time at your website! Here are 7 amazing SEO copywriting tips and tricks that can help you please not just your readers but also search engines.

Make use of ‘Bucket Brigades’ to improve the average time spent on your web pages.

The more time a visitor spends on your website, the bigger your chance to rank higher on Google and other top search engines. However, did you know that if someone tends to stick to your website for a much longer time, Google will treat your blog or website as a credible source? Because of this, they can reward you, and boost your search engine ranking?

So, how you make your readers stay for a longer time?

Aside from creating engaging content, you can add “Bucket Brigades.”

Bucket Brigades are words or phrases that can add conversational value to your blog content. It can attract more people and save them from getting bored. Make your own bucket brigades now to increase readability.

Use those exact keywords your readers are using to run search queries.

Almost all copywriters and marketers use keywords to give their content its much-needed SEO boost. Most of them use the Google Keyword Planner to pick keywords for their brand posts. However, this tool basically just gives an idea on what search terms and keywords are searched for your field. They don’t really show what buyers and prospects actually search online.

How can you find best keywords and search terms? Simple. Just look for them in forums. Search for phrases and words related to your topic across various forums. There will always be words and phrases that are common in all the searches! Use them to increase in your website traffic and SEO engine ranking.

Add call-to-action buttons to get more shares.

There are thousands of ways to get more social shares but the easiest way to get one?  Include a call-to-action statement. For example, by just adding a “click to tweet” statement in your post, you can guide your visitors to share a significant piece of information. This can help you increase your social media outreach tenfold. Always make sure that your call-to-action buttons are clear and enticing.

Emphasize “now” and “here” in your titles and descriptions.

Do you write good descriptions and titles that focus on the present? This can help you gain more valuable traffic. Remember, when a person searches for something in a search engine, the want quick answers. The want it “here,” and right “now.”

Make your subheadings more engaging and interesting.

Subheadings can make your articles look more readable. But how can you make it more interesting and engaging? Add advantages, statistics and other valuable information. Show your audience how a specific content can benefit them. Surely, this will draw the attention of more readers.

Capture the attention of your audience through catchy headlines.

Do you love reading ViralNova and BuzzFeed? I’m sure that by now you’ve noticed that their headlines stir curiosity amongst their readers. These people actually click in order to read the whole content. From now on, your goal should be to make headlines that immediately grab the attention of more and more individuals, eventually bringing in more clicks.

Always incorporate long-tail keywords to your posts.

Never forget to use long-tail keywords in your content. You see, one long-tail keyword contains at least 4 keywords. The more specific your search terms are, the bigger your chance of turning readers to buyers!

Improve your SEO copywriting approach now!

Did you find these SEO copywriting tips useful? These are just 7 of the many SEO copywriting best practices being used today. Start practicing these SEO tactics to gain maximum traffic and to rank higher on search engines.

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