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7 Ways to Make Sex Last Longer

Written by Alyssa Ross

There are some things in life that you don’t want to last long; one of which is waiting in line in your favorite fast food store. However, sex is definitely something that you want to last for many minutes.

You see, modern culture makes us want sex but only to do a quickie. That is probably due to the fact that one can get caught getting rough when in public places.

Having quickies are okay, but doing it ever so often may result in sexual dysfunction in men. Libido boosters can help with ED, for example, but how can a man treat premature ejaculation?

Well, in this article, I will help you last longer in sex by providing you with some handy tips.

Use a Thick Condom

PE sufferers should think about wearing a thick condom every time they have sex. That is because they will feel reduced sexual stimulation if they are wearing a thick one. Plus, it is for safe sex, right?

Be Mindful of Your Body

Mindfulness is actually another thing that can help PE sufferers with their condition. Most of the time, premature ejaculation is caused by psychological factors like overexcitement, for example.

Becoming mindful of your body, particularly with your breathing, will allow you to become calmer in such high-pressure situations.

Focus on Her Needs

Another reason why you might suffer from PE is that you only think about your arousal and not your partner’s satisfaction. You may want to focus on her needs more than yours. It might help you more than you think (and also make your partner happier).

Train It to Be Stronger

You can actually train yourself to become stronger down there. You can do some Kegel exercises that may help you control your ejaculatory urges. And no, these exercises are not only made for women; it actually benefits men as well.

Spend More Time on Foreplay

Men rarely think about foreplay because they only care about penetration and getting his dick hard. Spending more time on foreplay is a must because women are actually stimulated by a lot of different things and foreplay just happens to be one of them.

Take Advantage of the Refractory Period

According to marriage therapist, Lisa Thomas, when men ejaculate- may it be through masturbation or sexual stimulation- they undergo a brief period of time where they get reduced stimulation down there.

She coins this as the ‘refractory period’ and if you happen to suffer from PE, you may want to masturbate before sex.

Try Edging

This is also known as the ‘stop-and-go’ method where you stop thrusting your penis if you feel that you are about to ejaculate. This may require some time and practice to master, but a lot of men actually can attest to its benefits.

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