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7 Website Design Trends for 2018

Written by Alyssa Ross

As a web designer, what solution would you recommend to a client who wants to improve his organic ranking? So, after a meticulous market analysis, audit and conversion funnel evaluation, you can recommend website redesign and migration from the best website design company.

In some instances, rethinking his company’s business model can also be an option, especially if no significant value is being provided.

Website design is vital in growing a business’ sales and online presence. How can a company improve their website’s value? Follow the latest trends. Here is a list that can serve as your guide this 2019.

1.VR video

The future is all about technology, and of course, virtual reality video. You can use this to show your services and products in the best possible light to gain more customers. A good idea? Make your web pages alter its colors from time to time, as if it can read your viewers’ minds. It may sound complicated at first, but it is completely doable.


High-quality photos would no longer surprise your website audience—cinemagraphs would. Contemplate on a website design that is interactive, and make its elements move. Do you want to convey a specific complex detail in visual format? A static image surely won’t deliver effective work. You need to be able to insert the “cinema” element, for your content to appear interesting and fun for website viewers.

3.3D Animation

Turn your website to a unique universe by incorporating realistic elements with continuous movements. 3D animation can capture the attention of your website viewers in an instant. It can also increase the time that they are spending on your website.

4.UX Writing

UX writing should be the soul of your web design development this 2019. Why not create your textual content clearer and more precise? Through UX writing, it becomes possible to increase your sales. You can save plenty of web page spaces.


Content specialists and web designers should be cognizant of the motivations of a website’s varying target personas. They should guide each one accordingly. Remember that the entire website must reflect a single interactive story that connects well with your own brand.

Why not add striking color combinations to create captivating effects? You can include interesting ghostly after images that appear to linger in the eyes as you scroll on. This is a nice approach on adding more context in your story.

6.Expressive Typography

This 2019, your typography in your website should reflect your brand’s message. Make you’re your fonts are unusual, colorful and creative. Select the elements properly, and mix them with your business’ design language.

During the old years of weak font support and non-retina computer screens, using sans serif fonts in websites is perfectly normal and okay. However, as the years progress, technology continues to improve. Font rendering, font support and different screen technologies continue to evolve and become more powerful. This 2019, you will witness more elaborate and unique typefaces in different reputable websites.

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