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8 Practices to Follow When Creating An Ad for Social Media

Written by Alyssa Ross

Are you struggling to get your social media ads right? Are those ads just being ignored? You might need to level things up or even start from scratch all over again. If creating an ad is your most challenging aspect in managing a social media account, here are ideas to help you out:

1.Strive to be authentic.

Social media users these days are open-minded enough when it comes to accepting branded social media content. As long as it is going to be useful to them and will not give them an unpleasant experience, they will likely accept your idea.

2.Produce valuable content.

You have to produce content that are useful enough to get noticed on social media marketing websites. For you to do that efficiently, you have to create engaging content. Posts that include instructional videos are the ones that get more likes and shares.

3.Customize your content based on your chosen platform.

You need to practice consistency but don’t forget to personalize each approach depending on the kind of social media platform you have chosen to be active on. In LinkedIn, for instance, the posts are ought to be more formal and professional while on Facebook, you can post memes and other entertaining kinds of content.

4.Establish credibility.

There is a big difference in a person who creates an original content and someone who only shares posts from other people. Followers obviously like the former, or those who create original content.

5.Make your brand more accessible to consumers.

It’s given that people are very welcoming to branded content. But more than these, people will appreciate it more when you truly address their concerns. If they have questions, reply to them as soon as you can. If possible through Instant Messaging. When used properly, this tool can be powerful enough to build a better relationship with your audience.

6.Continue to work on your social media presence.

Aside from practicing persistency, it also matters that you are open-minded enough to your followers’ feedback. Researches have it that roughly 60% of consumers need to interact around 2-4 times first before buying. Indeed, you have to build relationships first before you can see the fruits of your labor.

7.Prioritize your followers’ needs and interests.

For you to identify these things, you need to have a solid listening skill. Create an engagement and make sure you dedicate time knowing your audience’s concerns. People highly appreciate it when you are responding immediately to their concerns. In social media, your ability to listen to customers’ concerns is very crucial.

8.Make sure to test the ads before finalizing.

This is the problem most brands fail to do so. The constant excuse is that they don’t have time to mind about it or that their budget for each ad is too small. Think again. What if the video ad will not work properly? What if the editing is not as smooth as possible? So take time testing them first before publishing.

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