8 SEO Podcasts to Help You Outrank Your Competition

Written by Alyssa Ross

Do you want to improve your business’ online branding or your online marketing company in Malaysia? Well, you must equip yourself with the latest knowledge, trends and techniques. To be able to acquire new learnings, you need to read articles and utilize effective platforms. You can also consider listening to informative podcasts.

Do you want to learn more about SEO, link building and marketing? Below are some SEO podcasts that can help you improve your skills efficiently.

1. Authority Hacker Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Mike Webster and Gael Breton. You can find it on iTunes, Stitcher and Soundcloud. The topics? They talk a lot about digital marketing, SEO and content marketing. When listening to this podcast, you can expect an informative, casual chat. They focus on challenging SEO inquiries, and answers questions from the listeners.

2. The Digital Analytics Power Hour

This podcast airs every other week. It addresses challenges, current trends in analytics, and lots of questions. Its hosts, Moe Kiss, Tim Wilson and Michael Helbling offer cool conversations about crucial marketing issues.

3. SEO 101 on

SEO 101 is hosted by John Carcutt and Ross Dunn, and is a podcast established to help many listeners improve their SEO strategies. It discusses many algorithm changes and search trends. They might give you some practical advice on how to utilize SEO best practices.

4. SEO Podcast: The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing

Chris Burres and Matt Bertram share their ideas and thoughts on the fast-changing SEO industry. This podcast includes trending news and daily tips. It also includes reviews on recently published articles on digital marketing.

5. Search Engine Nerds (Search Engine Journal)

The “Search Engine Nerds” podcast interviews industry experts and thought leaders about digital marketing tactics. Every podcast installment utilizes journalistic interview formats, and a deep-dive on every subject.

6. Edge of The Web Radio SEO Podcast

This a 1-hour podcast with Erin Sparks. She tackles digital marketing concepts and several industry trends, and has recorded more than 170 shows, with an amazing roster of guests. Her humorous interview format educates many people in SEO and internet marketing.

7. Marketing Speak

Stephan Spencer, a renowned internet marketing and SEO expert, launched this podcast to share some SEO tips and advice. He chooses all of his guests, including tool providers, specialists and thought leaders. Sometimes, the guests also provide the listeners with giveaways or discounts.

8. MozPod

MozPod was started by Brian Childs. Each episode is composed of the host interviewing SEO and marketing professionals, asking them dumb, simple questions we are all afraid to ask.

All of his guests are industry experts, so all listeners can get the most recnet information from the best source.

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