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A Must-Read For Every Otaku Out There

New updated manga series to read
Written by Alyssa Ross

For every non-otaku reading this, you must be wondering what an otaku is. Otaku refers to a person who has an undying obsession towards anime and manga. Now, what are mangas? Mangas are Japanese comic books that are written in different anime genres for all ages, though some titles may be more suitable for older ages. In the vast world of Manga, there are many genres for otakus to choose from. From romance, action to horror, there are so many genres that the otakus can read, according to their taste and interests. Much like reading novels and story books, reading mangas are very addictive as their storylines never fail to just rope you in so far that you end up reading for hours and hours. There are almost always new updated manga series to read, so it’s almost impossible for an otaku to run out of interesting manga titles to read.

There are many debates on which manga out of the huge variety options would be the best for new otakus or just new audiences to start out with. Here are some of the favorite suggestions from otakus themselves, to new manga readers out there who need to know how to dive into reading manga. 

✧ One Piece (Ongoing) 

Everyone must have heard of Naruto before. It is known to be the best selling manga series of all time. One Piece was published in July of 1997, and it is this epic manga series that follows the adventures of the main character, Monkey D. Luffy. Luffy is a boy who accidentally eats the ‘Devil Fruit’, which gives his body special rubber-like properties. His crew, Straw Hat Pirates, all bounce around the world to search for the famous ‘One Piece’ treasure that will crown him as the next King of Pirates.

New updated manga series to read

✧ Fullmetal Alchemist 

Alchemy is a respected science in the world of the manga Fullmetal Alchemist. Humans and gold are not allowed to be transmuted, and the rule is so set in stone that those who attempt to transmute humans will face punishment from a god-like being and lose a part of themselves. Characters of this manga, Edward and Alphonse, lose their mother and decide that it was worth the risk. This efforts certainly were not fruitful and soon, Alphonse turned into a body-less spirit, bounded to a suit of armor. Edward lost an arm to this. Together, they went on to mission to look for the next solution, which was the philosopher’s stone. 

✧ Bleach

Anyone who is a fan of mangas will know the famous manga, Bleach. It was an old-timey manga released in 2001 about the afterlife. This fiction was set to center around questions about death, souls and the afterlife. Soul Reapers – supernatural beings in the manga, would transfer human souls from the living world to the Soul Society. However, when a Reaper is injured while they hunt the monstrous creature that could harm both humans and ghosts, more commonly known as a Hollow – she passes her Soul Reaper power onto a teenage boy who has the ability to see ghosts. This boy, Kurosaki Ichigo, who is still just a teenage boy, has to figure out how to juggle his regular high school life with his newfound powers, and all the haunting hijinks that is about to ensue. 

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