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A Simple 5-Step System that Will Guide You Through the Web Development Process

A Simple 5-Step System that Will Guide You Through the Web Development Process
Written by Alyssa Ross

The Process Of Web Development

Anything that is complex in this world involves a multi-step process. This is especially true when we’re talking about web application development. If you are interested to know what things are done during the entire process, be sure to read ahead.

1. Get Information

The very first thing that is done in the entire process is to gather information. This is important as it lays the foundation of what the end website will be.

Data that needs to be gathered should include the objects of the website, competitor and business analysis, more information about similar products and services, among others.

Once data gathering is done, you will present this information to the web designer so that they can create a mockup. After that is done, a deliberation should ensue.

2. Planning

A Simple 5-Step System that Will Guide You Through the Web Development Process
This is by far the most crucial step in the entire process. Any web development project that doesn’t undergo the planning phase are always doomed to fail.

This is where all of the data that you’ve gathered will be collected so that you can set wireframes and milestones for your team to do.

It is during this time that the developers will start creating the backbone of the website and the designers to continue creating mockups of the final design.

3. Development and Implementation

The usual thing that web development teams do is to assign a design, programming, and content department. Although you can do it this way, this has actually proven to be the worst thing that you can do.

The reason is simply due to the fact that one particular branch would have to wait for the output of the previous branch before they can proceed.

The best way would be to work in unison, which is why the planning phase is so important because the teams can actually work together doing a particular task that is required of them throughout the development process.

To discuss it further, the design team will be the one to create the layout for the programmers to follow. They will basically create the wireframe or blueprint in making sure that everything is clear so there will be no hiccups in the programming part of the project.

The programming team then will create the logic base that will bring the designers’ ideas to life. Lastly, the content creation team will be the ones to create content based on the specifications set by the client.

4. Testing

Once the initial website is done, further testing is required. There are two major testing rounds: design and functional testing. The former is where the initial design is presented to the client and if there is anything that needs to be changed, it will be.

Once that is done, the functional testing team will also present the initial functionalities of the website. If there is nothing to be fixed, then they will proceed in cleaning up the code. If there are some bugs that were found, they will employ measures that will help fix them.

Basically, this is the part of the process where the website will be tested extensively to ensure that the end product will be as bug-free as possible.

5. Launching the Website

A Simple 5-Step System that Will Guide You Through the Web Development Process
This will be the easiest part of the process as the programmers will be the ones to launch the website.

They will implement code that will enforce all of the set functions of the website and they will also handle the server-side of things as well.

It is important to note that the web development team’s work is not done after the launch of the website. They will only be terminated if the owner deems the project to be completely finished or you’re replaced by another team who will maintain the site.

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