Activities to Do Without Technology

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Written by Alyssa Ross

We can’t go more than 5 minutes without accessing our laptops, tablets, and phones. Technology has made significant contributions to the advancement of our civilization. However, in the effort to automate anything (casino in Malaysia online, for example), technology has shifted from useful to, sometimes, domineering. While technology might help us succeed, research reveals that it can also disrupt our sleep routines. That is why unplugging and recharging are crucial stress-reduction strategies. Spending time apart from our favourite electronics has numerous advantages. However, with technology pervasive in practically every aspect of life, what activities remain that do not necessitate the use of our electronic devices? Here are some ideas of activities that can be done without the use of technology.


  • Going for a walk

Do you remember the last time you spent time in nature? If you haven’t taken a stroll or sit in a park in a while, this could be just what you have to do during your free time. Walking, fresh air and exposure to plant life will aid to relax your spirit and soothe your nervous system.


  • Painting

Having space and time to create art encourages creativity in other parts of life. Although we frequently work on developing attractive websites for our clients, spending so much time in front of a screen can be exhausting. Artistic pursuits, such as drawing and colouring, allow the mind to be employed differently, away from the screen’s glare.


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  • Gardening

Gardening is an excellent activity to take your eyes off of your phone screen if you want leisure that blends the environment with a game-like vibe. Gardening necessitates efficiency, resource planning, and sheer determination, and you will get to reap the benefits of your efforts. Being a skilled gardener requires time because, like cooking, is an evolutionary process where you can improve day after day, month after month. You can begin right away with a basic gardening kit and anything to grow.


  • Playing board games

We frequently resort to Youtube or our smartphones for amusement. Board games, on the other hand, can be just as enjoyable and satisfying, if not even more. Play with your significant other, your family, or with a friend which is one of the ways to maintain a healthy relationship with them. This not only diverts your attention away from your worries but also offers a space for communication and enjoyment with the individuals you love. Your brain could also get a boost in terms of creativity, depending on the board game you play.


  • Journaling

Journaling is an essential way to unwind and reflect. Journaling provides an outlet for communicating innermost ideas, allowing them to be written down and freed from the brain. Our minds are frequently crowded with to-do checklists, keeping clients satisfied, as well as reminders. Journaling is an excellent way to relieve stress. Framing problems as stories helps them seem much more controllable and enables order to enter the chaos. This provides consistency and control over aspects of our lives that appear chaotic and overpowering.


  • Cleaning

Cleaning is not a pastime that most people consider specialising in, but spending the time to freshen up your home or perhaps even loved ones can be highly rewarding. All you need are a few clothes, a general-purpose cleaner, and lots of trash bags to get started. Once you start, it’s difficult to stop because the process is quite addictive, and it will undoubtedly keep you occupied from your cellphone or other distracting technologies. Another advantage of cleaning is how it can make you lose many calories during the day, allowing you to stay slim and active.


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