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Affiliate Marketing 101

Written by Alyssa Ross

Are you looking for the most profitable way to make money online? Affiliate marketing is the way to go. If you really want to learn more about this popular passive income approach, read on. Trust me, you can get a decent income from it. Just work hard to get those amazing affiliate marketing opportunities.

This is a classic form of digital marketing. In this process, you refer a person to any affiliate product. When that individual purchases the product according to your recommendation, then you will get commission. Depending on the item promoted, you can earn a commission from $1 to $8,000.

  1. Join a reputable affiliate program.
  2. Choose a specific item to promote. You can promote this using an affiliate link.
  3. You need to share this link in your Facebook ads, social media pages, blog and YouTube videos.
  4. When a person buys this product, you get to earn an affiliate commission.

How to begin an affiliate marketing career

  1. You can start your affiliate marketing journey in several ways.
  2. Build a blog, and utilize it to promote your products.
  3. Purchase traffic from Facebook, then drive it to your landing pages.
  4. Set up your own YouTube channel, and make videos to promote affiliate products.

How to Start Your Affiliate Marketing Journey

  1. Begin a blog.
  2. Choose a profitable industry. Pick the niche you want to engage in.
  3. Pick the affiliate products you want to promote.
  4. Build engaging content around these affiliate products.
  5. Drive traffic to your affiliate post and website.
  6. Utilize email marketing services to get the emails of your visitors.
  7. Come up with an email-sequence to automate the funnel.
  8. Strategize in order to drive in more traffic. Just repeat this affiliate process over and over again.

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