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Best Free NFT applications 2021

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Written by Alyssa Ross

Non-fungible token or simply known as NFT is currently going viral right now. It’s almost everywhere on social media and has been remarkable in Twitter and Reddit. This NFT is more like a modern day art. You can buy, keep it or even sell it in the future. It is like that one hobby where people collect Pokémon cards and find rare ones. The rare can be sold with an expensive price while the others not really. The concept is actually a bit similar. 

NFTs are compatible with anything as long as it is using Ethereum. What’s fun is, the NFT ticket can also be used to trade on another Ethereum platform. In order to know more about this non fungible token news, or if you ever wanted to give it a try, check this best NFT applications in 2021 so far. 

non fungible token news

  • NFT Stars 

NFT STARS is an Australian NFT marketplace that has accumulated a unique set of products and services relevant to artists, digital art lovers, investors, startup founders, musicians or even the NFT gamers. The marketplace follows a strict selection approach in which every creator featured on this platform is either chosen by the executive board or voted for by the community. 

  • Alpha Wallet 

Alpha wallet is one of the best NFT applications so far. It shows certain things like a ticket for prices on main tokens, a breakdown of all transactions, and connections with various swap services. For NFTs, this application lets you view all of the NFTs on the Ethereum network under the NFT-related DApps.

  • Enjin

While other apps mainly focusing on Ethereum, Enjin works on other cryptocurrency as well such as bitcoin, Binance, tether and many more. The app is also available to access the major NFT marketplaces through its inclusion of DApps like the other crypto wallets on the list and you can manage your assets pretty easily. 

  • MathWallet

MathWallet does the same thing as other apps, where you can manage all your cryptocurrency in one site. But, compared to other applications on this list, MathWallet allows you to explore the NFTs marketplace even further. With a total over 1,500 DApps, any transfer of crypto wouldn’t be a problem on these apps. 

  • Reddit 

The reddit application so far is the most recognizable application for any crypto members including this Ethereum and NFT thingy. You can find some news about this NFT, ask your opinion, share some thoughts, ask some questions and talk with other enthusiasts about this NFT. You can also join their discord server to have a real time chat with them.

  • Foundation NFT 

In this Foundation NFT app, creating a new support system for digital art requires mutual respect between creators, collectors, and also the curator. According to their website, “This emerging technology will plug you into a revolutionary global community and it all starts with setting up your wallet. We always want to center artists and their perspectives in all that we do, which includes ensuring the work uploaded to Foundation is authentic to the creator.” 

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