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Best Website Design Software in 2018

Written by Alyssa Ross


Webflow is a reliable cloud-based platform that you can use even if you don’t have coding knowledge. It’s created specifically for beginners, with all of its drag and drop elements. With its own automation tool, you can develop your own CSS/HTML codes.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Dreamweaver is a popular website design tool that best serves both advanced and novice users. Whether you are an experienced user, an established web design agency or even a newbie, this platform can help you complete important tasks with a powerful interface. It can support any kind of web code, from CSS and HTML to JavaScript and PHP.


Bluefish is considered as one of the smallest, yet reliable website design tools today. Its interface is text-only, but it’s developed for beginners in mind as it has customizable menus, syntax highlighting and clear-cut toolbars.

Atom Text Editor

Atom Text Editor is an advanced text editor developed for hardcore coders. It is a desktop app that supports a wide range of programming languages like Java, XML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and HTML.

Google Website Designer

This is mainly a tool for developing interactive content in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS. Google Website Designer’s main function is to create ads. It incorporates lots of components like videos, images and other advertising tools.


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