Best Websites To Use If You Are A Fan Of Fanfictions.

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Written by Alyssa Ross

According to the National Endowment for The Arts (NEA), they recorded that  23 percent of American adults were “light” readers (finishing one to five titles per year), 10 percent were “moderate” (six to 11 titles), 13 percent were “frequent” (12 to 49 titles), and a dedicated 5 percent were “avid” (50 books and up) in the year 2015. It is also estimated that there are about 1 billion of the world’s population who read books online. The amount only grows each year as online books become easier to access and is affordable to most people. People love how you can read the books you want while sitting comfortably in the train because you no longer have to bring the thick novels everywhere. People read all types of books such as the popular romance novels, fantasy young adult fiction and comics. Besides these books, a lot of people also enjoy reading fanfictions where fiction stories are created from the existing movie or anime characters. Due to the rise of the Kpop community, some fanfiction authors even write about the Korean idols. However, most fanfiction readers are not eager to reveal that they love reading them because fanfictions is known to have contents like boys’ love, sexual content and a lot of contents unsuitable for the minors.  Some of the fictions depicted gory scenes and disturbing scenes that can be a trigger for those with mental health issues. However, there’s nothing wrong with liking fanfictions because it widens your perspective of the world. Some of the scenes of the fanfictions are rarely written by common novel authors because they might be considered sensitive for the public. This is the opposite in fanfictions because the writers have no limit in writing whatever they want due to the fact that their works are posted online for free and they are unanimous to the readers. 

website designers malaysia

So, you might want to start on fanfictions but are lost on where to start. Let’s get you introduced to some of the best websites for fanfictions.

Archive of Our Own (AO3)

Archive of Our Own is perhaps the most popular site for fanfiction writers and readers alike. This site was built in 2008 and  is a nonprofit open source repository for fanfiction and other fanworks contributed by users. Writers can contribute their works here no matter what fandom or theme they want to write about. By signing in to this site, you can read the works there and leave kudos. More than that, you can subscribe to the works or writers so that you will be notified by email if your favourite works have been updated. Another reason why this site has more than 3,820,011 users is because there are tags and notes the writers will include in their works so that the readers can avoid reading the works that they are not comfortable reading. For example, if you are not comfortable about reading works with blood and injury contents, then there will be such tags in the description of the works. That way, you can avoid reading things that can trigger you into a bad memory or trauma.


The purpose of this site is similar to Achieve On Our Own, where you can download and save the works you like. However, this site received quite a backlash from some of the readers who are not satisfied with the quality of the works. Some readers claimed that the works in Wattpad are full of grammatical errors and some have many confusing sentence structures that frustrate the readers and make it harder for them to understand the stories. If you want to use this site, you need to have your personal favorite writers with writing styles that you love or else, it’s probably better to use other sites. A lot of Wattpad readers still use the site because they don’t want to miss out on the works from certain writers that they love.

This website is also a favorite for fanfiction fans because of the contents from many fandoms and the good quality of works. However, the downside to this website is that it is not accessible to some countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. This is because the site has been officially banned by the countries because of the contents that consist of inappropriate themes such as violence and mature scenes  in the works. 

Last Words

All in all, perhaps more people will be more open-minded to read fanfictions despite the negative image they seem to have due to its unfiltered contents. However, we should also look at the positive sides of everything and respect the preferences of fanfiction readers. Let’s not be judgemental because there are actually more than one ways to gain knowledge. You never know if reading fanfictions can offer you something you can never get from other books or reading materials. You never know if it can even attract an obsessed gamer to read. There are actually not many fanfiction sites out there. If you are an avid fan of fanfictions, perhaps you can design more sites for them by checking out website designers malaysia where they can offer you various designs for websites with high quality. If you do it right, fanfiction authors will gladly contribute their works to the site and attract many readers along the way. 

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