Check The Perfection Of Unifi
Written by Alyssa Ross

Ideal for those who trade on their smartphone or using their smartphone as an Internet access point, the 4G network offers the possibility of being nomadic without depending on another network such as wired or Wi-Fi. however with your telephone subscription, you will be limited in the package, in the event of exceeding, it could quickly become very expensive. For the this is important.

Which Connection To Choose For Your Trading?

First of all, start by taking stock of the status of your connection. For example, you can test your connection on the site.

Three values ​​are indicated following the test: the Ping in ms, the Download in Mbps, and the Upload in Mbps. These values ​​must be as close as possible to those of your operator.

Unfortunately, it’s not all up to you. We would like to give you the magic recipe of the connection several parameters are out of your control. However, you can check with your operator to find out the distance between you and the connection point (DSLAM). The further away you are, the slower the connection speed. Do not hesitate to request a connection report showing the download, upload and ping. This data will allow you to choose between the different operators.

  • For Trading, a standard debit is more than enough to receive stock market flows. It happened to me during various trips to have a deplorable Internet connection and to receive the stock feeds well on my Trading software.
  • Receiving flows is one thing, transmitting orders is another. We must then take into account the fluctuation of the market. If the market is calm all is well, but during high volatility, your internet connection will not keep up and you will therefore always be late. It remains to be seen for how long. In the event of a connection problem, the best reflex is to take a break.


To summarize, recommend wired networks as much as possible, and to never be caught off guard in the event of a cut, always have a 4G option. To follow the financial markets, the different price charts, the economic agendas, the active lines of the portfolio, and to always be able to have a screen on which to place orders, the trader must have a powerful Trading station.

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