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Decorating Your Small House

Written by Alyssa Ross

Having a house does not feel like home? Too stuffed? Or maybe dull and gloomy? Sometimes the interior design is just not for us.


Planning to buy a house in Bangi but have no idea how you will be decorating it because it is small? Worry less, we have the solution. These tips and tricks can be used for all kind of houses such as an apartment, terrace house or even a bungalow. This is to make your small space look big and does not stress your mind.

# 1 Bright colours for the wall

If you already have a physically small house, choosing bright colours will have a big impact on your moods and emotions. Different colours bring out a different mood and environment and as for bright colours, it brings warmth to the house. Bright colours are also capable of making furniture pop out and make the space look elegant.

# 2 Use reflective materials

Reflective materials make your house look spacious because of its property that is able to reflect lights from the surrounding. If you have a small budget, you can always go for white walls. White has always been a reflective colour so, you can also buy white furniture just that you might have trouble cleaning it. You can also use reflective tiles as the substitute to the white colours.

# 3 Use the space wisely

Avoid putting your furniture anywhere without having proper plans. Make sure your arrangement allows you to have some space to walk and sit. Shrink your table. Buy an average sized dining table and make sure the chair can be put under the table to give more space if it is not used. This is not really common in Malaysia but you can try using pocket doors. It usually has a window on it that allows light from the other side of the house. Pocket doors do not take up too much space like a swinging door because you can just slide the door.

# 4 Use less furniture

This is especially for bedrooms but you can also apply this tip for your living room or any spaces in your room. Many suggested using bigger but less furniture. For example, you can put a big bed in your room that has storage under it. Put a large cupboard in your room but use it for various purposes. You can also put your shoes and luggage inside the cupboard so it requires less space in your room.

# 5 Install mounted furniture

Nowadays, there are a lot of inventions that can make us use less space in our house. For example, a mounted working table can be so helpful because it has no legs so you can put any other things under the table. Usually, mounted working tables can have more installation vertically. Mount the shelf along the wall. Mounting your television on the wall can also be helpful as you don’t have to put any table for you to put your TV on it.

# 6 Good lighting

Not all houses have a lot of windows or doors that could help with the lighting. But if you do have a lot of windows, try to have tinted glass so you will get enough supply of natural lighting. Avoid using the dark curtains because it might affect your lighting too.

Houses in Bangi are usually built for working students and adults so they have the best house designs that will never make you regret your decision to stay here.


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Alyssa Ross

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