How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Online Business

Written by Alyssa Ross

Are you looking for the best hosting services in Malaysia for your online business? If you want your brand to thrive online on a global scale, there are plenty of aspects to focus on. Aside from picking the best web host, you need a remarkable domain name that best represents your business in the digital landscape.

So, how can you find a good domain name? Beginners are usually having a hard time with this–they don’t know where to start. In truth, there are plenty of options for managing and sourcing a domain name.

Pay attention to the actual name itself. Below are some of the things you need to consider.

Where is your brand or company located?

Your business location can affect your domain name, just in case you settle for a ccTLD, or Country-Code Top-Level Domain. This means that your domain name is represented by region of your company. It helps in establishing brand awareness, and raking with local customers.

What is your brand name and company name?

Both your domain name and brand name should reflect each other, so that consumers can easily look for you in the vast digital landscape. If your domain name is entirely different from your brand name, then it can impact your online searchability negatively. See to it that the domain name is tied closely to the name of your company.

Where are your target customers located?

Your target customers are located all over the world, and they would want to look for your products and services anytime they want. Having a domain name extension for the location of your target customers is an intelligent move. This can assist in search, and establish trust. 

What does your brand and company do?

Whether your business is in travel, fitness, or any kind of vertical, there are appropriate domain name extensions that best represent all of these industries. These extensions can be interesting to utilize as a primary domain name.

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