Impact Of Games To Students and Teenagers 

Undergoing the movement control command (PKP) phase may be a difficult moment for students who are in IPT. They strive to adapt or adapt to circumstances and constraints.

In addition to continuing online learning sessions, students need to make the most of their time with healthy activities. Based on surveys, a handful of them may choose video games as an alternative to fill their free time.


A few weeks ago, I received a question from a friend of mine regarding the effects of playing this video game and, what exactly are the benefits given that the previous society mostly viewed this video game as entirely giving disadvantages to its players.

Considering the past few months, the occurrence of PKP in our country and it affects the community, including primary and secondary school students. To cut a long story short, online learning in Malaysia is not very effective as internet access is not very good and the price of internet bandwidth is quite expensive.


Games That Students Always Play and Trending Now

Even so, due to the presence of students at home for a relatively long time, they are exposed to activities on social media such as live streaming or the like that open the minds of students about video games, especially those who use only smartphones such as Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, and so on. Parents also mostly have given smartphone access to children from the very beginning and even group interactions such as classes at school also require students to have a smartphone.

Parents have long remained suspicious of this computer game, questioning its benefits, consequences, and drawbacks. The education sector, such as schools that have begun organising video games for these pupils, has caused concern among parents, who believe that education has strayed from its intended course. Not only parents, but even teachers, are less informed about the benefits, drawbacks, and overall impact of organising this video game.


At the same time, parents must provide a good example for their children by spending time with them, such as participating in outdoor activities. alternative forms of entertainment 4. Interacting with others is challenging. Video games have gotten increasingly sophisticated in this age of technology, allowing players to engage with one another through dialogue or text. 


MMO Games 

Players can easily get to know one another thanks to this function. The impact happens when players are engrossed with the amusement provided by video games, resulting in reduced interaction and failure to notice family and friends who are present. Teenagers today, for example, prefer to engage with their mothers and fathers through video games but instead of face-to-face interaction. Even more alarming, some people are addicted to video games to the point where they are too lethargic to eat with their parents. Play Real casino online malaysia if you are interested in more games however make sure that you are above legal age. 


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