Is Gaming A Good Thing?

Written by Alyssa Ross

Initially, there are many bad impressions when it comes to gaming, people felt as though it was time-consuming and a bad addiction, it was majorly hated by the older generation. But recently, many people have evolved into gaming. This is because of the rise of high technology that is still rapidly upgrading. Nowadays, everyone has the simple and most basic form of technology, such as smartphones, and people tend to use that device a lot more often than looking at themselves in the mirror. This can be because they are addicted to their devices or they are just bored that they rely on their smartphone entertainment, such as games.


The thing, is gaming a good thing? Well, research shows that the majority of the smartphones uses must have at least one mobile game in their phones, and they seek to those games most of the time because its one of their entertainment source, especially when you don’t want to be on social media or you don’t have any youtube videos to watch in your phone.

Gaming has proven to increase a person’s IQ level, especially when the game involves multiplayer or a thinking process, like solving puzzles, calculated games such as mega888, and fighting against the enemy. It makes a person to be expert in multitasking and improve a person’s memory skill as well. there is also a reason why the online casino is the best option for fun.

This is why gamers are known as great multitaskers, and people who are great with their IQ capability. There are like Twitch and Youtube videos that even influence people and giving information and reviews of the game, and even by watching that will help people to understand the concept and the idea of playing the game, which is actually similar to the experience of playing a game.

But to what extent is gaming bad for a person? Gaming is bad when a person doesn’t know when to stop and keep playing throughout the day. When they can’t stop just turning off their device for a minute. Gaming addiction can be toxic at a certain level. Not only will it interrupt your day-to-day lifestyle, but it will also affect your health and surroundings. It will cause major effects to your eyes, because of lack of rest, and to your shoulder and body because of insufficient body movements. When a person is playing a game, most of the time their body is tense and stiff, thus causing them to have aches and cramps every now and then.

Moreover, this will lead to procrastination, which is when a person delays the things that they have to do in their everyday life. Procrastinating once in a while is fine, but every day may cause serious harm. 

It is wise to organize yourself and have a mindset where you know when to stop an addiction. Getting addicted to things such as gaming will only build toxic habits while knowing how to manage and balance your time while being a gamer is seen as savvy and appropriate.

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