Making The Best Out Of Your Time As A Marketing Student

Written by Alyssa Ross

Sick of hearing everyone tell you that a Marketing Degree is worthless? Well, join the club! 

In our honest opinion, education is important no matter what. Learning can never be a waste and spending time on a =n educational subject is the last thing anyone would call worthless. However, many criticize the opportunity to go study marketing in a university when we could take an online class or go to work.  Regardless of this criticism, a marketing degree is not worthless. In fact, it is more prevalent than it ever used to be and university life is not something anyone should take granted for. 

Despite our own positive approach to student life as a marketer, it is hard to brush past the comments that make us question the full freedom of university or college life. If you are feeling a little lost in your journey as a marketing student, then you have come to the right place. Let’s explore some ways we can the best out of our time at the university as marketing students! 

Get Active In The University 

Three to four years at the university is meant for both experiences and education. It is important by the time we finish university, we have something to show on our resume under the experience section. Experiences do not necessarily have to be with a job but also with your university activities. Many universities and colleges host clubs that are targeted for marketing students such as marketing clubs or social media clubs. Even if you are not involved in a club that advocates for marketing or business, you can actively participate in a club or a society that does any sort of activity. From web development to IT clubs, you name it! You can fill in the role as their marketer, promoter, or advertiser and this will be an instant boost on your resume. 

Become A Mentee

During our university days, we meet hundreds of lecturers. All of them come from various backgrounds after working with multiple notable places and years of experience. Their words of wisdom are one of the best things that could happen to us. As future marketers, it is important to have a mentor who can show the ropes of the marketing world and help us succeed and eventually even give us exceptional references! 

Take Your First Year Seriously 

For marketing students, our first year is not the most complicated or hardest year. In fact, it is very breezy. Our weekends are filled with parties and hangouts while weeknights are not home works, but more pizza nights and goofing off with friends. Fun is all good and healthy but it is no reason to ignore the importance of our first year. The first year of a marketing student is when we have the freest time and spend time on other activities that will enhance our knowledge. We have the opportunity to take on more activities, modules to study, and even additional classes outside of the university building. It is the year to build a productive routine for your future. 

To make the best out of our university days as marketing students, learn how to be active, more productive, knowledgeable, and work on digital skills too! With the way we establish ourselves in the professional world, we are looking at better job opportunities in the best branding companies Malaysia has to offer. 


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