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Written by Alyssa Ross

Prior to the COVID-19 epidemic, vivid and colourful art festivals were frequent gatherings that brought up-and-coming and established artists. It’s difficult to believe that this condition existed prior to March 2020, and with the onset of the new normal, everything in life has changed significantly. However, it is admirable that artists and professionals in Malaysia’s art sector have changed to remain relevant in the post-COVID-19 period.


When it comes to their craft, Malaysian artists have been very experimental. She used names like Yee I-Lan a lot in her digital art, and that hasn’t changed. NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, have recently gained popularity, especially in the market and art world. Much has been stated about how cryptocurrencies helped NFTs gain popularity, yet unlike cryptocurrencies, NFTs cannot be traded for other NFTs. NFTs are therefore more valuable because of their scarcity, which is the ideal situation for art.

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With NFT upgrades, art marketplaces all around the planet have already experienced a boom. Through Christie’s, Beeple (or Mike Winklemann) sold his piece of art, “Everydays: The First 50,000 Days,” for US$69 million. Such an occurrence would undoubtedly inspire artists to attempt to accomplish the same, which is already occurring in Malaysia as seen by:


An exhibition of Seni Kripto (Symmetric encryption Art) took place in April 2021 at the University of Malaya’s Digital Art Gallery. This event was put on by Filamen, a group that promotes multidisciplinary digital artists in the nation.

Crypto Art Week: This was the first exhibition of its kind to be organised by, the country’s first NFT marketplace. Malaysian musicians have tremendously benefited from selling NFTs worth millions of ringgit through


NFT artists from Malaysia that are well-known in the industry

Linkin Park, particularly Mike Shinoda, who was also a visual artist, is credited as having had a significant effect on Munira Hamzah. Then, in 2018, Munira felt a stronger connection to Shinoda’s Post Traumatic album.


 Then she used Mumu The Stan to make her own GIFs. At one time, Shinoda had observed her work, commended her, and advised her to turn them into NFTs, which she did. He acquired one of the NFTs as well. She then went on to sell 1,800 NFT pieces.


We’re thrilled to introduce Next Up, our new franchise devoted to showcasing up-and-coming artists, in keeping with our mission to empower creators. In our first issue, we compiled a list of 22 rising stars that are expected to have a significant impact in 2022. To provide emerging artists in the space a regular forum, we’ll also be selecting a more personal Next Up selection each month moving forward.


Black Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Davey is a visual artist, producer, and musician. Comics, rap, hardcore rock, and streetwear are some of Dave’s main artistic influences. He works on numerous projects simultaneously in different mediums. Throughout the year, he has continued to produce a wide range of musical and NFT recordings, making him one of the most well-known Black voices in the NFT industry. – Ltc


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