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The Significance of Shipping Management in Today’s World

Ship chartering in Malaysia
Written by Alyssa Ross


Changing Business Models.

Most if not all firms are now tasked with living in a world that has become largely shifting to a more digital presence, so it may be understandable that some aspects of delivery are easily overlooked. One channel which cannot, however, be overlooked is the freight or delivery aspect. In Malaysia, the key to staying competitive is adapting to new models of business such as Shopee or Lazada be it whether you are looking to get supplies or ship out products be it to final users or next stage consumers.

Aspects of Ship Chartering

For ship chartering in Malaysia, it is fundamental to realize the importance of the freight process for most business entities and the aim should be to deliver low cost-efficient ship chartering services. It is key that business owners know the various aspects that ascertain to this process. Firms should strive to achieve a sound, transparent Charter party agreement. What this entails is the relationship or the specifics of the contract between the Shipper and the Ship owner, ensuring that both parties are tallied in the contract.

Ship chartering Malaysia

With regard to Ship owners, they should look at companies providing services of LayUps. We understand that vessels are not always mobile. Having both  “Warm” and “Cold”  options for ship owners to choose from is essentially much more desirable. During economic or Internal financial hardships, the understanding of the importance for ship owners to keep their assets in the most suitable condition to avoid incurring costs and rapid depreciation. One has to know that there are various services in the LayUp process. This can range from dealing with the mobilization of the vessels to the arbitration of permits from relevant authorities. Some firms take it a step further so as to ensure the proper deployment of the right crew and round the clock surveillance of the ships.

There are costs and risks that happen as a result of ships being immobile or on active duty. The occurrence of rust and barnacle build-up which may affect the integrity of the ship is also to be considered. For vessel owners who are looking into the decommission of their ships, it is paramount to them that the decommission process is handled with delicacy to achieve safety protocols and minimize costs. If you are seeking a reliable Ship Chartering company in Malaysia then you should check out Altus Malaysia.



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