Things You Should Not Do At Singapore Casino

Written by Alyssa Ross

The gambler is seated next to you at the blackjack pit, “go high or go home.” Both realize that the odds are against your player in a casino, and you are both just hoping to win different tricks. Many of them are legitimate, including counting cards. The Casino Control Act (CCA) covers most of the gambling violations you might be prosecuted or jailed for. But, one of the other things you might talk of is actually against the rules.

You may also be prosecuted under the Criminal Code or the Corruption Act (CDSCA), cocaine dealing, and other severe crimes. These are the following things you should not do in a Singapore casino. Unless you play at online casino

Slipping through bets until the dealer announces the result (also known as the post)

In July 2015, the 23-year-old man tried to bet $500 in Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Casino after the dealer disclosed the positive outcome of a Sic-Bo Game. If he hadn’t been arrested, he ‘d win $25,000. Yet the dealer picked up the guy and informed the pit boss. He was sentenced to 4 weeks in jail on trickery under CCA. The CCTV reported the last message.

Swapping Cards

Four Turks earned $6,075 when they played Three Card Poker at the Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) casino in August 2015. One visitor annoyed the dealer and another obscured the eyes of the other clients so that the other 2 conspirators could trade cards under the table. The RWS surveillance unit did, however, pick up the tricks on

Take advantage when system down to get more credits

3 MBS reward engineers used a device bug for free play points, where they received nearly $875,133 from the computers. One of them wanted to reclaim the Sands Bonus Dollars back as she noticed the error.

Instead of informing the MBS, the two other members of the loyalty programmers were told how to do the same, which is why they have no money and they used the glitch repeatedly to get further free-play credits. We also jointly earned free refunds worth $1.029 million from the bug. They either retained their winnings, passed their winnings to another or created chips for them.

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