Top 5 Expensive Hobbies Only the Rich Can Afford

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Written by Alyssa Ross

Everyone has hobbies, that’s a given. No matter how busy someone is, it is always therapeutic to spend some time doing things they love. It is a good way to kill time and take a break from a busy daily routine. Hobbies can vary from the simple ones like reading and fishing, or the extreme ones such as bungee jumping or parasailing. Some hobbies can be free and don’t require a lot of money for people to do them in their free time, while some can cost more than 300 dollars per person. Do you know that amount equals RM1231.35 in Malaysia currency units? The rich definitely have a way of showing that something as simple as their hobbies are at a different level from the commoners. 

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Now let’s see the ultimate top 5 expensive hobbies only the rich can usually afford.

#1 Skydiving

The first from the list is a favorite hobby for many extreme sports lovers – skydiving! Also known as parachuting, this dangerous sport is well-loved by lots of celebrities and the rich. It can be best explained as the sport of jumping from an airplane and typically executing a prolonged free fall before deploying a parachute. This hobby is definitely expensive as it costs around 300 dollars per person. Fees actually vary by location, but really, just how much different would the price be? This recreational sport is definitely not a choice of hobby of the commoners, since they can actually be paying about 3 months of house payment with that much money.

#2 Horse riding

While the commoners prefer to care for their pets as a hobby, the rich have taken it up to yet another level by horse riding. Let’s be honest here, who would actually refuse to ride on a horse back? Horses are always known to be a majestic animal used by the royals and nobles during the old days. The fact that it hasn’t changed is pretty depressing, but that’s the harsh reality. This hobby requires a huge amount of money, as one horse can cost up to 100,000 dollars. That does not include the entry fees, basic equipment and riding lessons for horse riding. It is amazing how much an animal can cost but the rich don’t seem bothered.

#3 Online Gambling

With the rise of new applications installed in mobiles during this modern era, online gambling has been rising fast in popularity as a favorite hobby for the rich. They simply downloaded gaming applications such as mega888 online and gambling can be played just at the tip of their fingers. Gambling has always been a favorite pastime activity for this particular group of people. The thrilling experience boosts their mood and enhances their gambling skills. There are actually more reasons why they favor this form of entertainment. Most importantly, sitting all comfy in a casino, waitresses pouring red wine for them  and them betting huge amounts of money without care in a casino? Definitely the rich’s way of enjoying their hobby.

#4 Art Collecting

As cliche as the hobby might sound especially to the fans of rom com dramas where the family of the poor girl’s boyfriend often appear on screen to buy extremely rare paintings for their collection, this is one of the most expensive hobbies just for the rich. A painting’s value can be more than 1000 dollars. Having a massive collection of them as a hobby simply shows how much money they have to spend for the sake of artistic value and backstory of the arts. 

#5 Ballroom Dancing

 This hobby sounds so classy, elegant and undeniably expensive. It’s not common for people to be in a ballroom and dancing with their partners as a form of relaxation. Learning the steps takes a lot of time and taking lessons from the trained professionals cost a lot per session. It is estimated that each class costs around 50-200 dollars each. Imagine taking classes at least twice a week for a few months to master the dance, just how much money is spent just for a hobby? Do the math.

Final Word

There goes top 5 expensive hobbies only the rich can usually afford. With how much money they spent to kill time, it is unbelievable and could be hard to believe by some commoners. Well, this just shows how huge of a gap is the way of killing some free time between a rich person and a commoner. Like everything else, there’s nothing that can be done except be amazed by these.

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