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Web Design 101: Creating Lovely Typography for Websites

Written by Alyssa Ross

Are you thinking of creating a new website for your business? With tons of hard work, you can surely come up with a good one for your brand. One of the most important things you should think about are the fonts. There are plenty of choices available, that it can be quite overwhelming to choose just one for your web app development process.

Make sure to keep every element simple. Go for the ones that you love, and then apply them effectively across the board. Surely, you would want to build visual interest, and showcase contextual hierarchy.

Learn to pair fonts.

Have you tried mixing font families? This can be a recipe for either failure or greatness. To ensure that everything would work well, you should follow crucial guidelines.


The best way to ensure harmonious typography? Consider fonts of the same family. If the font you are using has a small-cap version, use that for the header fonts. Then, stick with the body text’s standard version. You can also utilize a scripted style on pull quotes and subtitles.

It’s also fine to use a single font. With the correct contrast, one font can incorporate depth in your website’s design. These are the 3 basic rules when it comes to typography.

  • Take little steps towards variety. Begin using fonts of the same font family.
  • Showcase contrast in your pages. Utilize contrasting weights in order to express hierarchy.
  • Keep everything simple.

There are tons of options, but you don’t need to utilize all of them. Choose two that can work well together. Be reminded of these additional rules:

  • Character Relationship. Compare characters between two font families. Conduct a test, and see which combination is a good match.
  • Avoid Similarity. Are you thinking of picking fonts from two different font families? Then, see to it that they are different enough to be very noticeable. If not, readers would think that you made a mistake.

Don’t limit yourself.

Typography rules exist, but if you want to explore more, you can do so. After all, rules are always meant to be broken.

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