What exactly is E-commerce?

Written by Alyssa Ross

Knowing The E Commerce

Basically, ecommerce is purchasing items, products or services online, through the business’ website. They are online stores that let consumers shop anytime of the day, 24/7 whenever and wherever they want. If you already have a brand or already have a business plan, consider opening an online store and capitalize on the potential sales that your ecommerce website can make even while physical stores are closed. Remember that the best ecommerce websites are the ones that make it convenient and easy to shop for its customers.

Hop on the ecommerce hype train, or miss out on the biggest shopping trend these days. But you don’t have to pick between either offline or online. Brands are taking advantage of the rise of online stores and combined having both online and a physical store which is called omnichannel. This lets you extend your reach to find more potential customers without limitations.

The best software for e-commerce

It can be overwhelming at first managing both a website and an online store. Don’t worry; this list of website builders will help you start your own online shop for your brand in no time whether you have the digital skill needed or not, if you don’t want to engage a web e commerce company.


  • Weebly – This is a great option for starting your online store for the first time. It lets you customize your site according to your brand with the use of engaging themes.
  • BigCommerce – Choose from an array of styles and pre-made templates that suits the theme of your brand. Launch your online store and watch the stream of revenue flow in
  • Wix – Go for a professional look that is easy to manage and simple for consumers to use. Choose captivating templates from a plethora of choices that you can apply to your ecommerce website.
  • Ecwid – Just a few clicks here and there and you already have your own website, ready to launch and take in orders.


  • WooCommerce – Utilize your WordPress site and turn it into an ecommerce store in no time through this open source plug-in.
  • Magento – One of the leading platforms for ecommerce, Magento lets you maximize your consumer needs offline or online and wholly profit from being omnichannel

Copy Writing And Content Is Your Best Friend

Aside from using those software, attractive copy writing and content also will able to provide significant boost for an e commerce website. An engaging content will retain customers longer and make them coming back for more. If the copy writing and content are attractive and interesting enough customers will constantly revisit your e commerce website to what new and interesting content you have uploaded.

How To Write Interesting Copy And Content?

A good copy writing is the one where you do some research on a certain subject, or current issues before you start writing down anything. Try to relate the topic writing on about to your e commerce business and current issues that are going on; it can something witty, serious or educational. By adding such values to your e commerce website, customers will other things to look forward than the usual generic product promo or testimonies.

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