Why Should You Study Chemical Engineering?

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Written by Alyssa Ross

Chemical Engineering is an important field of study in engineering that contributes to the technology development industry. Chemical engineering is a very interesting field of study because a chemical engineer is involved in designing products that are nature friendly and economically affordable for all. Although chemical engineering is a very challenging field, there are many advantages to being one. This is becoming a very popular field of study among the younger generation of engineers. This is because of many advantages that they could get from working in the field of chemical engineering, either locally or internationally. If you want to pursue your studies in the field of engineering but do not know what your major should be, you could pick chemical engineering as your major. The reasons why you should study chemical engineering are:

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Wide Opportunities For Career Development

A chemical engineering graduate could easily get a job offer from even internationally based companies because of their qualification of being a chemical engineer. This is because knowledge in chemical engineering is needed in manufacturing industries. Manufacturing industries, such as glove production, needed chemical engineers to produce better gloves to be used in the healthcare system during the COVID-19 pandemic. You could also work in both private and governmental sectors to gain more experience as part of your career development in chemical engineering. You might even get a job offered by chemical supplier Malaysia to work as their in-house chemical engineer.


If you love travelling, then you would love to work as a chemical engineer since they travel often. This is because chemical engineering graduates are sought after in many countries, so you could apply for a job in any country around the world that hires chemical engineers. You might land your dream job in the country that you have always wanted to visit. For example, if you always wanted to visit Italy, you might not only get to travel there but you could actually live in Italy while working as a chemical engineer there.

Better Pay

Since the demand for chemical engineering is increasing, the industries are willing to compensate the engineers with better pay that covers their salary and also allowance. Some companies even give their employees reimbursement when they travel for work as chemical engineers. Chemical engineers are fairly paid for their services due to the low number of them in the industry. The pay also encourages more engineers to major in chemical engineering. 

You would not only get these benefits when you study chemical engineering, but you would also get the satisfaction of making changes in the industries that do not affect our mother nature. On top of that,  gaining relevant experiences from the chemical engineering industries might influence you into opening up your own company in the future. If you were unsure earlier on what your engineering major should be, maybe after reading this article, you can make up your mind to study chemical engineering. All the best for your studies!

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